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Choose the products of each step in your daily beauty routine
that best suit your skin type.

Complete your beauty routine

If you want to know which are the best cosmetic products for your skin routine, write us here and we will tailor it just for you.

Remove make-up, impurities and toxins.

Removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture.

Aqueous concentrate to reactivate skin health.

Treatments with high concentrations of active ingredients to treat specific concerns.

Specific care for eye bags, dark circles. wrinkles and dehydration.

Optimizes the efficacy of your facial cream.

Hydrates and seals the products that we have previously applied.

Protection against UVA/UVB/IR radiation. Helps to prevent premature aging and the appearance of sun spots.

We have practiced over 155,000 skin tests

Nuestras demoformadoras son expertas en la piel y su cuidado.

Our skincare advisors are experts in skin and creating customized routines. Our team practice a complete and fast skin analysis with the Antera 3D device.

Thanks to this technological device we can obtain a complete and deep picture of the skin. We analyze the condition of the skin in terms of wrinkles, sensitivity, firmness, pores, and more.

Once the skin analysis is done, the skincare advisor gets information from the customer regarding the lifestyle in order to prepare a customized routine.

If you are interested in having a beauty session at your pharmacy, please contact us.

Our skin care trainers are available to our customers to provide recommendations about skin care and to perform a personalized study of each customer.

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