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XPERT Fatigue

Gel for tired legs

Decongests and drains the legs, attenuating fatigue sensation.

Non-oily texture gel for tired legs that can be applied either cold or at room temperature, helping to combat the problems of tired legs.

Its formula contains a peptide complex with draining, decongesting and firming effects that lighten and alleviate the legs instantly. Furthermore, its continued use maintains hydration, elasticity and softness of the legs.
Does not contain menthol, and is therefore suitable for use by pregnant women.

  • All types of skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologically tested.

26,46 Tax Included

Tube 200 ml


  • Decongestion and drainage, reducing fatigue sensation.
  • Favors fluid elimination.
  • Affords firmness and elasticity of the legs.

Apply to the legs and feet as often as needed, with a light ascending massage. After application, it is advisable to raise the legs in a comfortable position. For greater cold sensation, place in the refrigerator a few hours before use.

  • 5% Legseryl
  • 2% AC29


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