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Molecular Cosmetics

Leading brand in advanced skincare with expertise in Molecular Cosmetics.

High precision, efficacy and quality cosmetics due to our innovating active ingredients.


Each formula contains the highest concentration of active ingredients that stimulate the cells to restore the natural beauty of the skin.

What is Molecular Cosmetics?

The human body is composed of millions of molecules with thousands of different forms and functions.
As we get older cell functions slow down and this manifests visually in the form of wrinkles, flaccidity…
What if we could prevent premature aging of the skin?


We research molecular processes involved in aging and how to treat them.


We create formulations selecting the ingredients to address each skin need. biomimetic peptides: same molecular structure


Our formulas stimulate cellular functions that with age have slowed down 


SingulaDerm´s Secret

High concentration of active molecular ingredients

Our formulas contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients on the market. Efficacy is guaranteed from the first application.

Anti-free radical ingredients

We always include active ingredients that neutralize free radical action to keep skin healthy, to protect it from premature aging and a loss of radiance.

Intelligent Delivery Systems

Products with delivery systems to boost the actives penetrate more deeply to reach the exact place in the skin needs. Providing enhanced efficacy. 

Molecular cosmetics develop active ingredients with a clear and specific function at skin level. These active ingredients are “programmed” to act upon the root of the problem.

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